iBrony Confessions

You forget, person chewing me out, that this blog's purpose is for people to share their feelings about PhM, not for Ice to judge everyone's opinions. It's just not her place. That's all I've been trying to say.


I don’t judge everyone’s opinions. I judge /some/ people’s opinions. 

Oh this blog isn't for you? Why do you list your name at the top then? Why not remain anonymous? Let's face it, you like the attention. And the only reason I'm not showing myself is because you and your band of followers would come after me and waste my time. You couldn't be a mod on-site, so you've gotta be Mrs. Important somewhere!


I put my name there because people used to figure it out and be like “YOU RUN THE CONFESSIONS BLOG WOW I HAD NO IDEA” and then go on and on and on. Really annoying. 

My little band of followers though that’s cute. if you think the same people who write this clusterfuck of opinions could come together to beat up one person you are sadly, terribly wrong. Plus, I don’t even care about ‘coming after you’. Better things to do.

So telling people to unfollow this blog if they have an opinion different than yours is okay then? This is a blog for people to talk about THEIR feelings, not for your bloated ego.


No, they can unfollow if they don’t like my commentary. Most people are mature enough to ignore comments on things if they don’t like them. I figure you’re just here to read people hating on each other. Sorry if I get in the way.

I’m not stopping anyone from talking about their feelings. If I was doing this for myself, I would link my personal blog on every post and submit constant anons to harass mods of blogs that aren’t mine so I can get more attention.

But y’know, that’s none of my business.

This blog has been nice entertainment, now for a secret, umm, ohhh ok well one time I told someone I had to "gtg" during an rp, but I totally didn't have to gtg, I kinda just wanted to stop rp'ing. as for confessions, I confess that everyone needs to take a chill pill, like calm down all my known and unknown amigos, snap into a slim jim or something. Though that ain't really a suggestion, I think it's advice, is there a blog for that?

nah sorry no blog for that yet

The point of the blog is for others to share their thoughts, not for you to pick and choose who's right or wrong in a situation. You didn't call this "Ice Judges Your Opinions On PhM", you specifically call this a safe blog to write secrets and confessions. While I appreciate that you don't delete asks you don't like (to my knowledge), it would be great if you would keep your mouth shut. Your blog or not, this is not your place to act like the great overlord to our thoughts. That is all.


I’m not trying to be an overlord. I’m not judging opinions. Most things I don’t comment on. I comment when things are way out of line, or when I agree with things (or in the rare cases when people are talking to me directly, such as this time)

I’m not judging the person who sends the opinions in. I’m not judging people for having them. I’m judging the opinions themselves, and I feel that opinions that are based on blatant misinformation should have their bearers informed of the facts as to better evaluate the situation.

This ain’t kindergarten; opinions can be right and wrong.