iBrony Confessions

It's not entirely helpful to suddenly decide that the person trying to help you out is being far too irritable to converse with, and that instead of telling them why it's better to block them and make passive-aggressive posts about how they're trying to make you leave a website. Hello from the Confessions page, Shaun~!

In response to BB’s knight in shining armor I shall post a bit of evidence. I do not condone posting entire private conversations online cause well…that’s a pretty shitty thing to do, so I will offer this small tidbit of our conversation from when I confronted him, I believe this little piece of our conversation covers pretty much all it needs to.

[1/20/2014 10:17:26 PM] Uriah (BrightBrave): I am sorry for being evil with Aika. If there is anything I can do to show my penance, I am willing to consider it.

[1/20/2014 10:18:06 PM] Equius Zahhak: You can show your penance by not pursuing sexual activities with peoples significant others when you are already aware of both of their feelings.

This is a small fraction of our long conversation and I might also note that at the time I was “Equius Zahhak” 

also to avoid the inevitable “you could have easily faked those messages! I offer this. (everything else whited out to, again, not be a dick and post full conversations online)

Please note the red outline areas consisting of My skype name, his skype name, the time and date to show that it was, in fact, a picture taken moments ago.

(Referring to the BB post.) Hmm, well that sounds pretty suspicious, out of the blue, and doesn't sound like Bright Brave at all. In fact, every single one of my friends who is/was also a friend of his and even knew him better than I do would say that's not like him at all. Maybe I'll just link him to your post and ask him about it...


I've actually been considering rejoining PhM, since I've got a whole freaking lot to say and do despite starting school work this very Tuesday and therefore only maybe being able to spend one hour on PhM every day thus rendering my considerations void and pointless OH FREAKING DANG IT!! ~BEX


Besides the fact that a certain anon “informed” me that “people talk”, and rumors were being spread about me. Sorry for the double post, I forgot this small detail while going on my sudden rabbit trail. ~BEX

No. He tried to sabotage Mist, and made him look like the Devil. He told (user name here), and a few others to do his bidding for him. He then deleted his account because the staff were investigating the problem. And that's when they decided that he will not be returning.