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1,000 people on a brony website is a drop in the bucket. It's not like a "victory" here is going to be a victory for gender equality everywhere, especially when you only obtain that victory by annoying people into submission. It defeats the point when you don't make people legitimately care, and instead just give in to shut you up. You may want to think about that. Are there not better things you could be doing for gender equality?


It’s a first step, it’s by no means the entire fight. 

Guys, if you are coming here to harass Ice, you are just as bad as (insert Ice's preferred pronoun here) is. I'm not fond of Ice, this blog and what it stands for myself, but am I harassing her behind a veil of anonymity? No. You guys are hypocrites if you come to attack (Ice's pronoun here) here for having a differing opinion. Instead of circlejerking hate for her where you can hide anonymously or receive punishment, simply block/unfriend her on the site, and stop coming here. ~Clair de lune

Well I'm glad that Ice is listening to people's triggers. Cyberbullying is one of mine, so I would appreciate it if this blog would do something about the rampant amount of cyberbullying going on. I am a long time victim of bullying and cyberbullying, and quite frankly... The amount of hate that is thrown back and forth is very triggering to me, it brings back many bad memories of cyber bullying.


Unfortunately, friend, I doubt I could stop that from happening here. I can tag them as ‘negative’ if you have xkit so you can hide them, if that works?

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I don't see what the big problem is with the gender thing, I mean... sure, there are people who identify as a different gender, but I've not really seen that being a big problem? Most users who don't want to identify with their biological sex upon signing up... don't identify with it! They choose the one they'd dominantly prefer to identify with usually... just because you have the body parts doesn't mean that you're actually being forced to choose that option.


But the people who don’t male or female are forced to hide the option altogether instead of having a single ‘other’ option. That’s the problem.

I'm annoyed when users don't understand what work goes into a vector. Vectors are tracing (from many references), yes, BUT that does not allow us to dismiss how much work it takes to do one. Several hours are lost doing a vector, not one, two or three BUT a good vector can take quite a while!


That didn't answer my question. Thanks for the Webster's text, though.


The idea was that is wouldn’t answer the question. That was the entire point. Thank you for needing to point that out.

As a modern day feminist, do you have a victim complex, too?



 noun \ˈtrash\

: things that are no longer useful or wanted and that have been thrown away

: a container where people put things that are being thrown away

: something that is very low in quality

: you