iBrony Confessions

"This blog is all hate now!! It was so much better before!!"

These are confessions 2 and 7, originally deleted by staff request. But those rose-tinted shades sure fit nice, don’t they?

I hate to sound weird and expose my problems here but I don't exactly have a good understanding of what is acceptable, what isn't and how people/users will respond to it. You may consider it stalking? I consider using what information I readily have available to me to learn more. I also have no definition of flirting... so I don't know when it fades from me joking and being friendly to where I'm flirting... and the pregnancy jokes? I think the idea of having life in me is funny! Thought is odd.

I want to point something out to the Anon who said Ice was sexist. She's not sexist. She has never once done anything sexist on purpose. She's a nice person. And next time you want to make accusations, give proof.


Not really. As far as I know she's still a virgin. It's just that she flirts with most guys. She stalks people which is really obvious. And she's practically begging to get pregnant with random guys' kids.


So… she’s a slut because she wants a relationship?