iBrony Confessions

Yes! Comments to both sides of this internet fight! I kept up with iB after I was banned from the site. I had my reasons, of course. 90% malevolent but eh. And to the other side, if you deleted your original account, staff have no way of checking to see your IP to compare for a secret account. In addition, IPs are pretty easy to spoof anyways.

my grandma doesn’t even have an ip scrambler but it comes up with her living in iowa. we’re canadian.

It's not about "guts" BEX, it's called being smart. Strategically, as long as you do not know who I am, you have less leverage over me. So as a result, you have no power to attempt to try and make people think that they shouldn't listen to me. Why would I purposely give you more information that would help you in throwing out more red herrings? I know if I revealed myself to you, all you would do is try to find any reason you can to tell people not to listen to my valid points.


That being said, BEX, I still question why you still give a crap about a place you don't want to be at. That's like spying on Walmart but never going inside. What's the point? The only reason I can see is because you like to complain about the site because you like to hear yourself whine. Either use the site or don't, but don't sit OFF the site and then complain about how terrible it looks when you're looking in through the window, that's just stupid, not unlike you.


im just going to comment on this one

 I still question why you still give a crap about a place you don’t want to be at.


No, I'm not going to forget about it. I didn't leave because I stopped caring about it. Aha, a secret account? Very funny. You know that the staff look at IP addresses? If you don't believe me, just ask them if I have a secret account, and I don't even need one. I bet you wouldn't be spitting at me if I knew who you were. C'mon, what are you hiding? I think I may actually know who you are. Talk to me on Skype: theblackpendant . We'll see if you have the guts to reveal who you are. ~BEX


It just seems to me you're going through a lot of effort to "keep up" on a place that you do not want to be a part of. That strikes me as moronic. If you left then just forget about it, otherwise I am not entirely convinced you left. Me thinks you still have a secret account there. Secretly, you love being able to gossip and spread rumors, which I've seen you attempt to do here. Not to mention I don't think many people liked you on PhM. You're not fooling many people, so why not just go?